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I have started a chapter focused on fundraising here in Northern Virginia.

Edu-girls is an NGO focused on enabling girls living in the slums of India to achieve financial independence through customized, quality education, vocational training, and college scholarships.

In developing countries, ⅔ of girls finish primary school, ⅓ of girls finish secondary, and only a tiny fraction finish high school. Education breaks the cycle of poverty. It improves earnings, health, and well-being, reduces child marriage, and population growth.

Edu-girls has four schools. One in Jaipur accredited to high school, in 2018 it had 560 girls enrolled. One in Bengaluru accredited to grade 7, in 2018 it had 105 girls enrolled. One in Kohat is accredited to high school, and in 2018 it had 52 girls enrolled. The last one is in Kathmandu, accredited to high school; it had 25 girls enrolled in 2018. For more information visit

Their approach is simple. Focus: Single agenda–education for girls living in poverty. Ambition: Beyond education to financial independence. Efficiency: Minimize costs through volunteers, and by sharing infrastructure and knowledge. Transparency Ensures complete disclosure of finances and outcomes.

If you would like to donate visit


Your kind contribution covers:

Normal School Operations: $275,000

Bringing the Digital Revolution to 500 more Girls: $60,000

Recruiting, training, and motivating qualified Teachers: $40,000

Expanding Reach for the Stars Scholarships to disciplines other than Engineering and Medicine: $60,000

Launch Early Childhood Programs, starting with Vimukti: $15,000

Special Campaign for Vimukti Permanent Campus: $250,000 (to be raised in the US covering 25% of the total cost)

For more information feel free to DM me. For updates on my chapter follow my Instagram @edugirlsnovachapter

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